Ahhh, summer! Sunshine, barbecues, long days by the water! But for some of us the thought of summer fills us with quiet dread at the prospect of surviving the sweatiest of seasons. All winter long we’re allowed to bundle up and bury our insecurities under forgiving layers of fabric- everyone looks pretty much the same once you throw on a thick sweater and a peacoat. But summer is a double edged sword, and it requires us to step out of our shell and expand our comfort zone in order to stay comfortable. We find it easier to make the transition with some of our favorite Texture Clothing confidence pieces by our side. Wear your Wide Scarf as a sarong, shrug off the sweaters and bare some shoulders in an easy Breezy Tunic. The same Comfy Skirt that you paired with leggings in the winter will add swishy hipped flair to any bathing suit you slip it over.

We all deserve to feel the sun on our skin and the stars in our hair, and letting go of a little self-consciousness is always a good exercise. Last summer at the Vancouver Folk Festival I was especially bloated and not feeling the greatest, but some new friends asked me if I wanted to go down to Jericho Beach to swim. I said “yes,” as one does on summer weekends, so that all possible experiences could be soaked up. Although I usually choose more form fitting clothes, I had worn a very large flowy dress that day because I didn’t want to fight my self esteem while trying to enjoy the music and dancing. I did, however, wear a pair of Ophelia Undies and a polka dot bikini top because I’d planned on laying in the sun…by myself.

The time came to get into the water. I took a deep breath, lifted my dress up and off and started to walk towards my friends at the waters edge. One complimented my body and the other commented on how much she liked my bikini, and asked where I got it! I breathed out. Why am I my own worst critic? At what point did I learn that? What if I were my best cheerleader? It’s somehow socially unacceptable, but perhaps I could just say those things in our heads until the confidence (not arrogance) shines through. What are your thoughts about all of this?