Lifting each other up

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit,” -Nelson Henderson.

I invite you to think about this concept for a moment. What I believe Henderson means, is that when we plant a seed and give someone love, attention, support, opportunities, etc. and don’t anticipate receiving anything back, that this is actually what it means to be alive. Do you think about this? Does this cause a cringy feeling in your gut? Does it delight you?

Here’s a beautiful example: Jodi is a long time customer, and owner of seventeen (!!) Comfy Skirts. This amazing woman is making an impact on the world around her. Watch this captivating youtube video that explains how she goes about teaching high schoolers a variety of classes including horticulture, animal science among others. She is educating them, on so many levels, and sending them off with life skills. She will certainly not enjoy all of that shade, but is happily plants the trees!

May we keep ourselves grounded and centered so that when an opportunity presents itself to lift up someone else, we have the strength to spare. 

From my heart to yours,