give it space

You may notice that my themes repeat themselves. You may have read that I have an alarm on my phone reading “give it space” that I have set for 11:11 am every day. The irony is that every time it chimes, I quickly shut it off because I’m deep into a project and I don’t want to be disturbed.

I have literally chosen to disturb myself every day with this note and every day and I find it to be a nuisance. I must really think it’s important.

Each time I look at the notification telling me to ‘give it space’ I have an internal chat with myself thinking that I’ll give it space another time. I’m busy now, as I feverishly do my best to meet my goals for the day.

Ironically, I learn and grow the most when I actually give myself space to have a non-linear, non-scripted experience, approaching with curiosity instead of expectations.

May both you and I find ways to give it (whatever ‘it’ may be) space. May we be able to sit with our feelings, good or bad. May we be able to observe, and learn, and manifest a sense of peace deep in our hearts.

From my heart to yours,