“When we don’t unlearn the past, we can’t start something new.”

This quote has me thinking. My first thought is that I can totally start something new without unlearning. My next thought is the Albert Einstein quote; “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Aha. I get it. I have been on that hamster wheel before!

I’m in the process of evaluating where I want to go, what’s been working, and what’s not working. I’m in the process of building habits, which will help me to accomplish my big goals. I have never done this with so much intention. It’s an interesting process. 

When I read the above quote, I wonder what it is that I need to unlearn. I know I have unlearned things so far in my life, but how did I do it?

I invite you to take a moment to think about the unlearning that’s happened in your life. Was it intentional? How did you unlearn? Is there anything holding you back from reaching a personal goal now? What small shift could get you a bit closer?

May we keep unlearning and learning, so that we can move forward to new chapters in our life story. May we keep making motions to step into our purpose and passion. 

From my heart to yours,