More Love

Self-care and self-love are the topics of so many articles, posts, and podcasts nowadays. I think a lot about what it means to love myself. I was confused for many many years and I set out on a love quest to find my answer. While I think this is very much an individual journey, I believe that I’ve come up with some answers that could be helpful for you as well. 

I do not believe that the magic potion is all about getting a massage, eating a healthy diet, or journaling. These can definitely be ingredients. However, I’m understanding more and more that to love myself unconditionally I need to move in the direction of giving myself space to be human. When I make a mistake, I have the opportunity to stop, take a breath, and let that mistake sit there. It’s part of me, as I’m fallible, and I can think quietly to myself, “Even though I made this mistake, I still fully and deeply love myself. While I made a decision to take an action that had a painful and negative outcome, I am still worthy of love.” I can think and say these thoughts, even if I haven’t rewired my brain yet to fully accept them as facts.

I want to keep sharing these thoughts as they have made my life so much more enjoyable, and I deeply hope the same for you.

May we have the courage to look at our shortcomings, give ourselves grace, and deeply love ourselves at the same time. May we have the strength to announce to ourselves that we are indeed worthy of love. 

From my heart to yours,


Maya Angelou