Affirmations are statements and they are happening in our minds throughout the day. They are simply the conversation that we are having with ourselves. Much of the time they are negative statements. Think about that for a second! We have been affirming and agreeing with things that something or someone else has told us about how or who we are.  These turn into unquestioned beliefs.

I spent some time digging around in my brain and I made a list of negative affirmations that I’d been letting run around, unchecked. I then matched each up with a specific, positive affirmation. I am in the process of rewiring my brain and it feels awesome!

It is possible for us to reprogram our brains and even overwrite deeply rooted limiting beliefs with new empowering ones.

May we become aware of the negative affirmations so that we have the opportunity to rewrite them. May we rewire our neuropathways so that we can live out our passions and purpose. 

From my heart to yours,