Love shopping? Looking for a fun way to spend time with friends? Have a passion for locally made and sustainable fashion? There’s a way to combine it all!

Invite five or more friends to a unique private shopping experience at the Texture Clothing workspace to celebrate birthdays, wedding showers, or just an overdue girl’s night. Life is busy, and while some things can’t be rushed, this is one of the better excuses to multi-task. So grab some pals, drink some wine, and spend some quality time finding your new favorite Texture Clothing items!

These private events mean it’s just you and your buddies in the shop with access to personalized shopping support from our staff on hand to help you find the perfect fit. Try on all the sizes and styles you want, there are no strangers waiting to use the dressing rooms and no limit on selfies.

The Texture Clothing boutique closed to the public in February 2017, only opening it’s doors for monthly pop-up shops and exclusive shopping parties like the one you know you want to host. It’s like Willy Wonka’s factory except with cute clothes instead of candy! These parties come with an optional opportunity to tour our actual factory downstairs and learn more about the company and how our clothes are made.

We know what it takes to get your whole crew coordinated, so the hard working host receives a credit (to use at the time of the shopping party) equal to 10% of the sales at the party. Additionally, Texture Clothing will give 10% of total sales to either the Bellingham Food Bank or Lydia Place (the host gets to choose).

•  6-15 people
•  up to 2 hours long
•  we provide coffee, tea, or 1-2 bottles of wine depending on party size
•  feel free to bring any additional snacks and refreshments
•  play your own music or let us suggest the soundtrack

To schedule a party, contact Michelle at and we’ll work out the details!

If you’re close to us here in Bellingham and interested in hosting a party in your home or shop contact us.