Mono printing on organic cotton

After 19 years, I’m heading in a new direction.

I have poured my heart and soul into building up Texture Clothing. I have spent many precious hours studying the production schedule to figure out how we can fit in another style so you can order a Comfy Skirt in your color and size. I’ve learned how to manufacture in the most sustainable ways and how to put systems in place to reach those goals.

At the core of my work, my purpose has been to help you feel good about yourself. Making decisions with the end goal being love and kindness, I hope that has been clear in the way that I have presented models of different shapes/sizes/skin colors, drafted patterns that fit the curves of your body, and strived towards zero waste. I have always believed in creating garments which are comfortable and fit you well. Clothes that you don’t have to adjust throughout the day, so you can let your own talents and purpose shine in the world rather than worry about how you look and feel. This way you get to continue the ripple effect of being loving and kind. Does that make sense to you?

Building this business has been a challenging, interesting, and rewarding experience! I have enjoyed the community of employees, vendors, and customers that I have had the privilege of working with over the years. I have felt the burn out pretty hard a few times and have just decided to work harder and more strategically. After pushing through those times, I have now reached a point where I need a break…or rather a shift. As you know, I have been popping over to Berlin for a change of scenery. It has been wonderful for me to recharge and to learn things that are completely different from my textile world: the German language, hula hooping, and salsa dancing. I also spend time in Vancouver, visiting family and friends, and volunteering at a women’s shelter. When I am in Bellingham, I donate my time and money to the Food Bank’s “Small Potatoes” program and also to the Ragfinery. I want to lean into these opportunities, but I also want to keep making clothing for you.

I have decided to focus on Texture Clothing in a slightly different way. My friend, Flora Bowley, offers this wonderful perspective: “Let go of what you like, to make room for what you love.” Texture Clothing will keep making the Comfy Skirts and the Knit Mitts. We will make small batches of garments that will incorporate textile techniques I am having fun experimenting with. We will continue production of some tried and true styles. And finally (and I’m super excited about this one!) we are going to start offering up sewing patterns for some of our styles so that you can make them yourself!

So really, this isn’t a completely new direction, rather it’s more of a refining…a leaning into what’s working. I have heard you when you have said “Don’t retire! Where will I get my Comfy Skirts from?” I think I have found a good balance with this plan, so over the next few months there will be some changes to the website, but best of all: my sanity!

I have thanked you before and I will do it again. As I type this, my eyes are filling with tears of gratitude, and a lump­­ is developing in my throat…I want to repeat: I really appreciate this symbiotic relationship that we have here. I lovingly make hemp and organic cotton clothing for curves, and you lovingly buy it.

Thank you, friend.

Plate to mono print
One of my favorite plates to print in Vancouver, Canada.
Mono Printing in Vancouver
Mono printing in the hot sun makes the paint dry quickly. Find the City Tees online!