I have been thinking a lot about connection and relationships lately. My assistant, Jaz, and I chat about community and belonging while we work in the factory together and I find it fascinating to hear her perspectives. St. Valentine’s Day is this week and it has come to mean something that leaves out many of us. I want to reframe it and think about love as a verb, and what it means to be a part of a greater community.

You are a part of a community when you purchase clothing from us. You stand with people who are intentionally spending money with a small company. You stand with people who are making manufacturing decisions based on their love for the earth and its people.

After hearing stories about how your Texture clothes are so meaningful to you, I am finally starting to understand. Since I have been making my own clothing since I was a kid, I hadn’t thought too much about it. Most of the clothes and accessories I own are made by Team Texture, or friends with small companies. I now see what a privilege this is and how I feel so connected to a larger community of makers and world-changers.

Love is an action word. Let’s be people of action! Here is an opportunity to show your love (for yourself, your family, and your greater community) by spending your money intentionally. We are utterly grateful for your business.

If you are in/near Bellingham we would love to see you and encourage you to make an appointment to shop the Showroom. Our sale racks are always full at up to 50% off regular prices. If you are not in B’ham, please check to see where you can find us!


*Modelling credit: https://www.instagram.com/maanaashley/
I stayed one night at Marna’s airbnb in Prague in 2017!