I want to talk to you about body image! Summer is always a good time to renew our social media efforts into putting body positivity out into the world. Texture Clothing wants to help put an end to body shaming and letting society police our appearance, and we want to help encourage self-acceptance and self-love!

You know when you go shopping with your best friend, and they’re helping you pick out clothes? You want their advice because they’re that perfect balance of honest, kind, and encouraging. They’re as quick to say “Nope! That is not a flattering look,” as they are to say “That looks amazing on you.” But would your best friend say to you “your arms are flabby and gross, you should probably cover them up” or “you can wear that when you lose 10 pounds”? I didn’t think so. Would you ever say those things to anyone else? I certainly hope not; they’re cruel things to say. So then, why would you ever say something that mean to yourself?

We’ve all been there, those “I hate my body” moments. I’ll admit to having those moments at least once a day, and statistically, most women do. That’s utterly heartbreaking to me, even though it’s something I myself do regularly. I know that sounds hypocritical, but for some reason, it’s so much easier to be kind to others than it is to be kind to myself. I think that’s something many of us experience. And that’s something I’m trying to change in myself; I want to be able to be just as kind and forgiving to myself as I am to others. It’s been hard, and some days I fail. The growth has been slow, almost imperceptible sometimes. But I know I’ve come a long way, and to continue to make progress, I try to surround myself with body positive imagery, ideas, words, and people.

And that’s what we want to try to help do for you.

And we hope it encourages you to seek out other body positive media.

And ultimately, we hope that we in some small way can help you along your path to self-love and self-acceptance. Because you are enough.

Photo Credit: Photomancy