Every city grows and changes. I have been living in Kotbusser Tor, a predominantly Turkish neighborhood. It was said to me that the third largest Turkish city is Berlin. Wikipedia says that there are 176,730 Turks here! For generations, Turks have been living here. Many people here only speak Turkish and German. There is gentrification happening here in the “Kotti” and I am aware that I am part of the change.


I walk by this mural every couple of days and I love when I get to see it from a distance.


So much of traveling is about the food! Fresh fruits in the winter, undiscovered spices, and smoked meats. The Turkish Market is my favorite place to buy groceries here. Some of the vendors are hawking and some are just chilling, but one thing is certain…it is so crowded with people one can barely walk through! I like to get in and get out…but actually…I enjoy taking a moment to sit and have some stew! I have tried several and they are all delicious.