Here is a bit of backstory for those who don’t know me too well: I have an autoimmune disease and have been gluten free for over 10 years. I have recently figured out that my body doesn’t process any grains very well, so I have also omitted most corn and rice from my diet as well.  Here is the thing about Germany…they adore bread here! HA! It is everywhere and in everything. This photo was taken in the U Bahn Station closest to me. Can you believe that sandwiches like these are sold late night, and all night long on the weekends, in the U Bahn? You can buy something delicious like this for about $3. Wha what? Such a great deal. Coming home from a club (or going to a club at 4am) and grabbing this as a snack? Yea, Berlin!

When I was young, my mom used to take us to the German bakery in our North Delta, BC neighbourhood. My brother and I would get a wiener to eat right there and then. What a treat! When I was a teenager my favourite sandwich was liverwurst. I would take liverwurst sandwiches to school and the kids would call me “Terri-wurst”. Teenagers can be idiots…however, these foods bring back good memories of my childhood.

Drinking tea from a tiny little glass reminds me of being in Istanbul with my brother, Tony, about 5 years ago. We agreed to be courted by a carpet sales man (on more than one occasion, actually!) When the sales man realized that we were siblings and not married to each other, his eyes lit up…he had now the potential of two rug sales! We assured him that neither of us were going to buy a carpet from him, so he proceeded to introduce me to his nephew, and in front of a bunch of his relatives, did his best to match us up for marriage. One word: Awkward! (Mostly awkward for the shy, Turkish fellow. Tony and I still laugh about that experience.)

I have mostly been buying groceries and making food at my Airbnb, but when I do venture out I am tempted by the large masses of swirling meat I can see while peering in through restaurant windows…Shawarma! I am living in a predominantly Turkish neighbourhood (although Berlin has started it’s gentrification process here) called Kottbusser Tor, and there are Turkish people and delicacies all over the “Kotti”.

I had made a mental note to visit a little Italian grocer/deli that I had passed on foot so many times. I wandered in after German class a couple of days ago and bought an assortment of grilled vegetables, olives and tiny little octopuses. I had never eaten these before and I love trying new food! There were so beautiful and cute at the same time. They were delicious, just a bit more vinegary than I prefer.