These Leg Warmers have been a game changer for my winter wardrobe- I feel like every pair of shoes I own just got a face lift! We released a video so you can see these babies in action, but I’m sure there are ways to wear these cozy combination pieces we have yet to discover. You can add some warmth to a cute pair of heels, extend the height of a pair of swanky boots, or throw them over your everyday sneakers to transform them into something that feels dressed up. You can imagine how well these fit into your lazy Sundays, curled up with a book and a cup of tea- ankles warm and no longer jealous of your wrists and their Knit Mitts!

Some highlight features:

• Ruches sewn into the side seams give these leg warmers a picture perfect slouchy shape, whether they’re gathered around your ankles or pulled up for maximum warmth

• We’ve sewn an elastic band inside the top seam so they’ll stay where you put them! No more stopping every few blocks to adjust the artful arrangement of your ankle accessories.

• Arguably the coolest part: they’re REVERSIBLE! Two colors in each pair instantly doubles your options, and lets you fold down the top to flash a splash of color.

These life-proof life savers are made from the same eco-friendly fabrics you’ve come to love from Texture Clothing, which also makes it easy to pair with your favorite items. The materials vary with the colors but you can learn more and get a pair for yourself (and half your holiday gift list!) on our shop here: