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We all know that struggle, you finally find the exact skirt you want in the exact color you want and specifically your size is the one that’s sold out. You tell yourself you’ll remember to come back and check now and then but life is busy, and it falls to the back of your mindΒ  as something you can’t quite remember but know you’re forgetting to do.

There is another way! With the Texture Clothing Wish List you are not doomed to chase down the ever elusive clothing piece of your dreams. Just shoot us an email with what item it is that sold out before you could get your hands on it and we’ll email you as soon as we restock so you can get first dibs! That early notification makes a big difference since we make our clothing in small batches, and sometimes there’s only a few in each size in a certain color.

Beyond saving you some stress it’s really helpful for us to know which items our customers want so we know what to make more of! This list can also be used to let us know if you have an older style you’ve worn until it’s worn out, we can’t guarantee we’ll make it again but it’s good to know what there’s a demand for. You can always find the link to the Wish List in the footer menu at the bottom of the Texture Clothing website, so please never hesitate to give us a piece of your mind on the piece you’d like to find!