Texture for Maternity Wear

The Pacific Northwest is a great place for seasons. Every year I am humbled to watch as the Earth undergoes an incredible transformation of rebirth, recovering from the winter and creating new life from the tiniest of seeds. The explosion of seasonal colors isn’t the only inspiration I’ve borrowed for my clothing designs. Fall, winter, spring: a lot can happen in 9 months! Which is why I’ve built my organic clothing line to accommodate the most magical transformation a body can perform: the miracle of pregnancy!

Nearly as miraculous is the ability of our most popular waistbands to stretch, grow, and recover along with mommy-to-be. I live an active lifestyle and have always valued a piece of clothing that can bounce back from my ups and downs. Whether I’m swelling with muscle or a good meal, I shouldn’t have to worry about sliding into my go-to on-the-go Comfy Skirt the next day. Your fashion favorites should be able to keep up with a changing body. Which is why I wasn’t surprised when the stories began to pour in from people praising the pregnancy-proof nature of our organic cotton/hemp blends. We sew a good quality elastic into the waist which is amazingly resilient as long as you treat it well. Keep your Texture Clothing out of hot water (literally) and away from hot dryers, as heat will damage the elastic and leave you with a looser fit. We recommend you wash in cold and hang dry for best results and a wardrobe staple as adaptable as our amazing bodies!

Your body is capable of amazing things. Stretching and accommodating beyond what seems possible, giving birth to new life and experiences, recovering and rebuilding. Mirroring the process of rebirth nature goes through from fall, winter, to spring- 9 month cycle (leading into summer post). We also take our inspiration from nature, using materials that retain the power we all have to endure and recover. Your favorite piece of clothing can come with you on your journey, as an item of comfort and confidence. It swells as you do, durable waistband always hugging your growing baby in an embrace while your hands are occupied. Comfy cozy for the active mommy on the go, zippered pocket to free your hands up for more time touching that amazing miraculous belly.

Like your own body, the waistband may take a little time to realize it has less to carry, but it will return to its natural size.

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